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Even the best lovers are often guilty of mistakes in the bedroom… often WITHOUT ever knowing it. It’s just a fact of life. But… that doesn’t mean that YOU have to be!


Mistake 1) Thinking She is Climaxing When She Isn’t – You may think that your lover is having “multiples” (or even ONE you-know-what) when she is not. She may make a bunch of noises and even TELL YOU it’s happening. But is she really? Grab a Cosmopolitan sometime and look at how many articles and comments on “faking it”. I’m not saying that YOUR GIRL is faking it EVERY TIME but… chances are there have been a few episodes of love making where she was CRAVING something other than what you were doing. When this happens women just want it to be over and encourage you to finish. It doesn’t mean you are awful in bed; just that being a mind-blowing lover EVERY TIME takes some specialized knowledge. If you are giving your girl the “Big O” (and absolutely 100% sure of it) then congratulations! You’re one of the few guys who is ACTUALLY pleasing a woman REALLY WELL. But if you’re not, it is crucial that you learn how…


Mistake #2) Not Giving Her a Variety of Sexual Experiences – A lot of guys who are new to lovemaking — or are used to doing it with the same woman — tend to forget that women want different KINDS of sensual EXPERIENCES. You might think that changing positions a few times and varying the speed of your thrusting IS a mixing it up. But it is not. Women thrive on emotions. Sometimes they want to be taken, sometimes they want it hard, and sometimes they want to make love. If you are NOT talking during lovemaking and creating a strong emotional experience for her, she CAN’T be totally fulfilled. Women want and NEED strong emotional experiences in bed. Let’s look at an example. Women love bad boys because of the emotions that a bad boy inspires in them. This is why that when a woman cheats, it is often with a “bad boy.” However, you don’t need to be bad boy to create bad boy emotions within her in the bedroom. Just be a bad boy yourself by giving her a light spanking, talking dirty, and giving it to her good! Women also love very suave, romantic types. Think of the cheesy paperback romance novels they read with Fabio on the cover. This is not a myth… women REALLY read this stuff! Now, I’m not saying you should grow long hair, huge man boobs, and start riding a horse… but what you can do is mix up your lovemaking with some romantic sessions in which you are telling your girl how beautiful she is to you and how much you love her. Get it? he skinny is this: You NEED to give your lover a variety of sexual experiences… and YOU are capable of giving her each kind… but you have to mix it up!


Mistake #3) Forgetting To Be A MAN – Ask any 100 women off of the street and 99 of them will tell you that they want a man that TAKES CONTROL. That’s right, we want YOU to call the shots! As long as you are respectful, your girl DOES want you to take control in the bedroom, to flip her around and switch positions without asking, and to do what YOU want! Women are programmed to respond to strong, authoritative, confident men. It signifies that you are a protector, a leader, and a suitable mate. Sure, it’s ok to ask her if she is enjoying something… but keep it simple. Save the talk about actual positions she liked for AFTER you are done. Now don’t get me wrong — you are not making her a slave here, but rather leading with authority and masculine strength. Once you start doing this you will be able to do many things with her in the bedroom that she earlier would not do. Many guys often think a woman is just uptight if she doesn’t want to do something… when in reality she just needs you to be a man and guide her with strength and confidence. You’ll be amazed at just how powerfully she responds!


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