Pricing your beats and licenses Registered & Protected 5RPB-B4B4-7GTP-HGSN



  A lot of my clients come to me asking about pricing of their beats and how they should read the value of their production. The truth is that you can’t just apply the same prices everybody else is using on their beats and expect to have the utmost results with those prices. There is an important line to cross and it has to do with what your beats are worth when compared to others in your market. Don’t post your exclusive beats for $500 because some other big name producer on Soundclick does it if your beats don’t match up to theirs. You have to look at it in terms of value and what your beats are worth WHEN COMPARED to others in the market. Your price should be a reflection of your skill verses your competitor’s skill and pricing.


  Personally I think for producers who are just getting their foot in the door, a good $100-$200 for exclusive rights sounds about right. You don’t want to price too high at first, in fact you would be better off in most cases starting low and seeing how business does and how people react to your prices. If your friends and family say your beats are great and worth every penny, that means basically nothing. The only way you’re going to know if you are going to sell your beats easily at your price ranges is by marketing yourself and seeing how actual customers react. If you hear nothing but crickets and frogs chirping, without anybody contacting you to buy beats no matter how much energy you put into marketing your product, then the price and value of your beats is an excellent place to look for answers.


  Your prices might be too high or, honestly, your beats might not be good enough. If you want to sell beats on the regular then you’re going to need to understand that your beats need to be at a certain level. If your beats are wack and you don’t make good music yet, then you might consider posting your beats at $35 exclusive rights. So I want to make it clear that no matter what it is possible to make a little side income off of your beats, unless you’re truly horrible and in that case maybe just practice making beats five hours a day for a few months and your skill level will have improved greatly.


  So all in all, compare your beats to others and check out their pricing. Being totally honest with yourself, figure out what the value of your beats are and try to sell them at that price.


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