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   See, this is another area where guys get into big trouble. They have a great time with a woman and think that just because you “click” with her you should have a long term relationship. But this is not always the case—in fact it is rarely the case. What makes a long term relationship successful is much different from what makes an “adventure partner” relationship work. And what makes an “adventure partner” relationship work is much different than what makes a “purely physical” relationship work. And if you want to indulge in the pleasure that women can bring you, and avoid the trauma, you need to be able to recognize this from the very beginning so YOU can be sure to define and choose the type of relationship you two are going to have. Most men let random chance do the choosing, and end up broken hearted and miserable. But it doesn’t have to be that way… by asking a few simple questions in the beginning and listening for certain answers you can tell—within 15 minutes—what type of relationship you can have with her, or if you even want to have one. This is true power, and it is what all the jerks completely miss.


“Closing the Deal,” and Creating Your Final Outcome, Whatever That May Be, Making Sure that She’s In Your Life for as Long As YOU Desire and When Your “Intimacy Period” is Over, She Joyfully Brings More Women to You!


   In sales there’s what’s known as a “professional visitor.” He’s the guy who can get the appointment, make a great presentation, get the client to like him and walk out the door with a “definite maybe.” There’s another name for salesmen like this: broke. See, the most important part of the sale is GETTING THE MONEY. No matter what else you do, no matter how much the prospect likes you, you’re a piss-poor salesman if you can’t get the money. The exact same thing is true when it comes to women. No matter how good you are at getting women to approach you, no matter how good you are at deepening attraction, no matter how good you are at qualifying and selecting the right women, you will still live a life of “forced celibacy” if you can’t close the deal. Now, what do I mean by “closing the deal?” In the long term, what it really means is achieving your desired outcome, whether that’s fun in the moment, a long term relationship, or whatever you decide your outcome to be. However, to be very blunt, in the short term, it means getting her into bed. Here’s the truth whether you like it or not: until you sleep with her, you’re just a potential relationship. Once you sleep with her that makes it all real. Like it or not, that’s how the biological code works. It is essential you sleep with her as fast as possible or you will wind up as just a “friend” or a “buddy”—the guy she comes to for comfort, not passion.


And, As Men, We All Know How Much “Being a Buddy” to a Hot Woman Just Plain Sucks!


   Get this, and get it good, because it will change you life forever: women are biologically programmed to sexually “surrender” to a strong, unwavering male presence. They feel very comforted by it, and very uncomfortable when it’s present, but suddenly disappears when it’s time to “close the deal.” Now, every man has this “strong, unwavering male presence” inside, society and the media have simply repressed it in most men. Maybe you’ve had this experience: you met a woman, hit it off, and things were getting hot and heavy that night. But maybe society reared its ugly head and you decided to wait until next time to “go all the way” because we all know it’s “bad” to sleep with someone on the first date. That’s what “they” (the girlie men) say in the media. What usually happens? She won’t return your calls and doesn’t want to see you. Isn’t this incredibly frustrating? You were having a great time, you “respected her” like society and the media teach, but now she won’t see you. This makes no sense—from a MAN’S point of view.


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