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   As a music producer/beat maker people buy from people that they trust. Selling something online is a lot different from selling something in a store or in person. When online, a prospective client cannot shake your hand, look you in the eye, or have the total human to human experience that is normally attributed to conducting business. Since that’s the case, you have to simulate this experience by creating content that allows people to get a feel for who you are as a person. That’s how you build trust. This can be done through you tube videos, blogs, Facebook, etc. Your first priority is to build rapport with people and get a GOOD name established. Once you do that, you’ll experience the benefits of word of mouth and it won’t be nearly as hard to sell beats. It becomes a snowball effect of more customers supporting your business over time. It’s not an overnight process. Do everything in your power to keep a good name. You WILL make mistakes. I’ve made plenty mistakes. That’s part of being human. But, you have to correct mistakes swiftly with your customers, get back up, and keep working towards maintaining a good reputation. People like trustworthy people.


   If you’re genuinely a trustworthy person and you create personal content to help display that, then you’ll gain their trust and be in a position to showcase your beats. The KEY to longevity in business is genuinely being a trustworthy, honest, and respectable person. That’s what I always try to do but people need to understand what it takes when producing beats as I dedicate time and effort for my music. Dedicate time to people who dedicate time for me. So not everything is free. I will give free to those who really put time and become loyal customers.


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