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   Communication is the most important ability one ought to have in order to express yourself and sway an idea across. If a person has the ability to give his/her personal opinion properly, then that person is considered to be a good communicator. Further, communication also involves understanding and appreciating others’ point of view. Communication skills are not only the ability to convey thoughts and ideas verbally but to also comprehend the body language and expressions of the other person. The best communication is when both the sender and the receiver are convinced. Also, most misunderstandings between people take place because of lack of  good communication skills.


   Good communication skills make you come out of your comfort zone making you interact with new individuals and building new connections. For example, a person who easily jells up with people at a party will be more adjusted to that environment and will have more capacity to get the attention. At such places, communication skills are essential. While communication helps you know more people, it also helps you to project a better part of yourself and in turn, increase your self esteem. Communication skills are the backbone to excel in any profession. Be it improvisation as an actor, attending calls as a call centre representative, giving pleasantries as a hotel manager, pacifying the patients as a doctor or educating students as a teacher. All these professions go pointless if communication skills are not used properly. One must understand that the use of English as a global language is rising rapidly. If a person masters communication in English, in no time, he will be able achieve whatever he wants.


   What are the effective ways to communicate with foreign people if you cannot speak their languages?


   Language is a modern tool of communication used by us. In the early phases of evolution, communication between two individuals would take place with the help of hand gestures, verbal sounds and facial expressions. Regardless of the absence of words, they were always able to convey their messages well enough. Despite the fact that we require a typical language to interact in an improved way, it isn’t impossible to have a conversation with another person who cannot speak the same language as you. Languages may be regional but there are some expressions and gestures which are universal. For instance, a smile means a happy face all over the world. The use of such universal gestures can make communication more effective with foreigners. In some cases, pictorial depiction can be an extraordinary approach to express our thoughts alongside hand gestures. All in all, talking to someone without a common language might be troublesome, however certainly not impossible, provided both parties make efforts to understand each other.



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  1. Wonderful post! Aren't we all doing this because we enjoy it? So we should all act nice to each other! End of story!I han;v&#39et seen the original meanness thankfully, but I've heard of very nice people being hurt in recent months and that makes me sad. I try to send nice notes to the nice people and not dig for the original source of pain because that will just make me feel worse.

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