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   Before I used believed and from research what I see today that I was the only one who was not ignorant and that most of the people at least almost all of the people that will see walking on the street that pass by you or wherever you are seem ignorant. Based actual facts today our society pretty much is 90% short attention span and only 10% with high IQ’s. I used to feel most of the times isolated and had to always be energetic always do something or spend time for myself so as to not get easily depressed. I am starting to see that there are people waking up especially these couple of days when I met two people talked about this issues like for example the main objective of the media is mass deception and public manipulation pretty much manipulation of public opinion. These two people actually conversed with me and it was one of the most wonderful conversations that I ever had in my life. This is what makes more wanna make a change in my life and be more meaningful. The only problem is I cant do this by myself so for me to do something I need people to support me so that I can create a documentary that I have been trying to find people for the past year and still no response.


   Without further or do here is how to deal with ignorant people. A person becomes ignorant when they think they are educated when they’re not, know something when they don’t, or are more aware than others. And it how to deal with ignorant people that cause us frustration and aggravate us. But you need to understand what ignorance before learning how to act on it or to deal with it.   Ignorance is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “a lack of knowledge, education, or awareness”. Now, not being aware, educated, or knowledgeable is not a negative thing in itself. It simply implies that a person doesn’t know or isn’t aware of something. What is more damaging is when one is ignorant in such a way that they think they know more than others and refuse to listen to others’ viewpoints.


1  Ignore Them

   Ignorant people and rude people are similar in the sense that they both need attention. The rude person is invasive to get attention while the ignorant person is a know-it-all. The ignorant person wants to impress people with his mental abilities. However, both the ignorant person and the rude person can be equally annoying. But you can deal with the ignorant person just like you would the rude person. That is, ignore them. In fact, ignoring the ignorant person is perhaps the best way to deal with them; they need the attention of others to make them feel good about what they think they know.


2  Be Kind

   Be kind to someone who irritates you? This sounds difficult and perhaps it is. Actually I wouldn’t be able to do but I am working on it and trying too. But if you understand that ignorant people are not well informed and not necessarily bad, then you can access empathy for them. Many ignorant people learned to talk about or say things they know nothing about. They also have learned to give input without knowing all the facts. You can often deal with ignorant people by just gently educating them about the situation. Being kind not only helps you down the road, but it also has the potential of placing you in a good position with the ignorant person.


3  Speak to the Person

   Some ignorant people can be hard headed about their behavior, primarily because they may have a deep need to protect their ego from correction. This type of ignorant person can be a little more difficult to deal with. However, in some instances you can deal with them by taking them aside, away from distractions, and explain how their behavior is damaging their reputations. This could be especially effective for employers to utilize with ignorant employees that just don’t seem to get it otherwise. There is little that could disrupt morale and production more than an ignorant person that is talking work related issues that they really don’t totally understand, for talking about who will be laid-off when they are not part of management and in the know.


   In conclusion many ignorant people don’t realize that they don’t know everything involved in particular situation, but instead assume that they do with the little information that have. They are presumptuous. But,again,this doesn’t make them bad people.One of the most effective tools you can use in dealing with ignorant people is patience. Using patience helps you remain calm whenever interacting with ignorant people and helps them to slow down a bit and think it through before talking. How to deal with ignorant people requires time and patience more than anything else. But also requires you to gently educate the ignorant person so that they can see the whole of a situation before they conclude that they know what it’s all about. And I believe that the more stubborn, persistent I am and the more rebellious the more I will educate. Because I have had it with just ignoring or getting agitated but I choose to use this approaches to make a difference.


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