Females should approach males

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   But think about men and women for a bit. Who gets all dressed up? The woman. Who gets “chased?” The woman. Who gets to make the “mating decision?” The woman. This is NOT natural. In all other species the male “rides herd” over a group of females they ALL come to him. Modern society has reversed the roles of men and women! Women are naturally supposed to approach men first, much like in nature, but society has “bred” it out of them. As men, we’re all conditioned from birth that we’re supposed to ask women out, to “court them,” to supplicate to them. But think about this: does the typical “jerk” ever go on a “date?” Hell, no women come to him first and then he does what he wants. Now, because he is a jerk, he creates great emotional turmoil… jerks know a tiny little portion of the “biological code” NOT the whole thing. If they did, they wouldn’t be called jerks… they’d be called “rare, magnificent men, great lovers of women,” etc. etc. Don’t get the idea that being a jerk is the way to create your own outcomes with women, because it’s NOT! Women respond to a few attractive characteristics of the jerk, NOT the jerk himself.


   How is all this useful to you? Well, keep in mind we live in modern society and you as a man have to deal with that fact. However, once you understand that women respond to a “biological code” and are supposed to approach you first, you can put this knowledge to work to design.” Attractions are simply ways that put you and the woman you lust after in situations that activate her biological code, fire off her “attraction triggers”, and “point” the resulting attraction right square at you. Guys, doing this is incredibly easy IF you know what signals to look for, and how to “engineer attraction situations.” They happen over and over again in every day of your life you just need to know how to recognize and take advantage of them. And they work no matter your looks, age or income.


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