Easy tips to becoming successful

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  Today since we’re starting the new year I thought it would be worthwhile to create a blog post listing some really easy tips to becoming successful with your business. There’s no easy way to create success no matter what you’re trying to achieve in life, especially when it comes to running a business. There’s no easy way into making money off of your business and investments and no matter what it’s going to take some risks. But there are ways to increase your overall chances of success and that’s what we’re going to cover here today.


Hire out to other professionals


  When it comes to making your business successful, there’s no easier way than to hire or have employees. Now while having employees can be difficult to maintain and expensive, there are less expensive, less complicated options as well. For instance if you outsource and hire freelancers to complete individualized tasks then you can make things happen in your business faster than almost any other method. It’s a certain feeling you get knowing that a project is being worked on and making progress while you can focus your time on other things. Time is more valuable than anything in business, and it’s certainly more precious and valuable than money. It makes more sense to save yourself a hundred hours of work by hiring three or four other people, perhaps from other countries for cheaper wages, to do specific tasks. This is the power of outsourcing and freelancing.


  While some people may consider it to be bad ethics to outsource, which is the process of hiring out to other countries, the fact is in America you get less for your money. The only thing you get more of, in general, is attitude and cockiness. That’s just coming from my own personal experiences. You can get equally good work for small tasks from other countries, however let me warn you: when it comes to spending BIG on outsourcing, you want to seriously watch your tail. Always, always pay small amounts at a time if hiring out to another country. Never spend more than maybe $50 or $100. If you try to hire some guy from India to design your website and he quotes you at $2,000, the fact is you’re probably taking a wrong step.


Actually spending time working on your business


  This is a funny little thing that most people are terrible at. People talk a big game about how they’re going to make endless amounts of money through their business and how nothing will stop them from doing so. But when you ask them how much they actually do work for their business, the answer is usually pretty much zilch. That’s not going to help you achieve the dreams you’re trying to achieve. You need to actually find yourself working on your business for hours and hours a day. If you are making all the beats for your company, then making beats should NOT count as “work time”. While it can help you market your stuff by coming out with new material, in reality that’s not going to do the job for you. You need to also be using email marketing, Twitter marketing and Facebook marketing plus other sources to make as much money as possible.

  If you are not actually spending hours per day writing ideas in your notebook (if you don’t have a notebook or use any kind of note taking yet, step your game up), brainstorm, and once you’ve come up with ideas, actually physically pursue those ideas. You need to be able to spend the time to try to achieve tasks based on your research and knowledge.


Carrying yourself and your business professionally


  Carrying your brand starts with the person, honestly. If you’re not carrying yourself and your business with professionalism then you’re not doing your job. Remember that. It’s up to you to carry your business forward and you can’t do that acting like an unprofessional moron. Seriously. This isn’t child’s play this is adult conversation, talking about starting a business or keeping it running and growing. You can’t put half of your energy into it, you have to be willing to do more.


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