Driving traffic for beat sales

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  How to drive traffic to your beat selling website in order to make the most amount of sales possible. The fact is that without a stable amount of web traffic coming to your page, you can pretty much guarantee your business will not be able to take off. It’s about making your website as popular as possible using methods to bring in traffic that actually work. Before I talk about traffic sources, I want to mention that the first step is actually to make sure you’re retaining the traffic once it comes to you. If you’re not being smart and building your traffic sources in a sustainable way, then the traffic isn’t going to help as much as you might feel like it should. Instead of focusing on sales at first, focus on building your mailing list and using the list to organically make sales. 


  This is what retaining traffic is all about: traffic gathering. Just because 100 visitors come to your website every day doesn’t mean you’re making money off of your business. But if 100 people come to your website per day and of those 100 people about 20 of them join your mailing list, then you’ve got a business model worth talking about. At 20 opt-ins per day or 600 opt-ins per month, you’ll have a gigantic mailing list by the end of that year which can be used again and again to generate income even if your traffic falls off the face of the Earth. To get people to join your mailing list first you’ll need a good free incentive offer for joining. Don’t expect to get a high opt-in rate just by putting up a web form and asking your visitors to join. You need to give something away for free and it needs to be automated. In the beat selling business the best way to do this is to give away a single beat for free to anybody who joins your list. It can be the same beat so that way it’s a totally automated system.


  Once you’ve secured a good opt-in rate, the next thing to do is to drive traffic. This can be done in a number of ways including Twitter, Facebook, Sound cloud, YouTube, Sound click and more. There are virtually endless traffic sources but only some are worth mentioning as others may not provide the same success for you. Google is another big hitter in terms of high quality website traffic, but Twitter is the best place to start if you just want to get going right away. Aside from that though I think one of the strongest things to focus on is SEO and ranking on Google. It’s not easy to rank on Google and the vast majority of businesses that try end up failing, but if you can somehow pull it off then you’ve got yourself a cash cow unlike any other. There’s no other form of free traffic that delivers quite as well as Google, much less having the top quality buyer’s traffic you need. 

  But even if ranking on Google is simply too big of a task for you, you can always use Bing Ads or Google Adwords in order to advertise your website on the search engines using pay per click models. To do this successfully, building your email list with the traffic is more important than ever.


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