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   The absolute power and control over all your relationships with women is knowing how to create and deepen initial attraction. Just because she approached you first doesn’t mean she’ll stick around. All it means is there’s a SMALL SPARK and you need to turn it into a raging bonfire. You’ve probably experienced this too: a woman approaches you, you start talking, it’s going great and then all of a sudden she “flakes.” Why does this happen? The answer is simple: you did or said something that caused her “attraction triggers” to shut down, and the small spark of attraction to suddenly die. Women make decisions based on feelings not logic, and the instant that feeling is gone, so is she. And it can be something extremely small or simple that you’d never expect. If you want her to continue to be attracted to you, you must do two things: keep doing the things that create and deepen attraction, and avoid the things that kill it instantly. Let me give you an example: have you ever asked a woman for her “phone number” after it seemed like you two were really hitting it off, and all of a sudden she tensed up and said she “wasn’t dating” right now, or some other female nonsense? It’s not that she wasn’t attracted to you, but by asking for her phone number, you “tripped” one of the things society says is bad.


   It goes like this: if she gives you a “phone number” then she might be perceived as “easy” by society, especially if her friends are present. And in today’s society, “easy” is still bad. If she gives you her phone number, she might be perceived as a slut, a whore, etc. and those are all bad labels. Now, sometimes she might give you her number, but she has no intention of seeing you. Yet, if you’d known what to say and what to do she would have followed the “biological code” with NO interruptions from society and gone home with you that night… it’s survival of the species. See, if you know what to say and do to deepen that attraction, and avoid saying and doing the things that causes modern society to interrupt natural, biological processes, then you can have the relationship you want with her.


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