Biological code Registered & Protected 5RPB-B4B4-7GTP-HGSN



   Biological Code which has to do from our biological genes and presently from the old caveman days and animals it’s “repressed” in our today’s society but it doesn’t mean it’s not powerful… because it is extremely powerful. And knowing and understanding that “biological attraction code” can give you, as a man, the power to create any type of relationship you want with any woman, anywhere. See, nature didn’t intend for us to experience emotional strife when a relationship is over… that does NOT lead to “survival of the species.” Continuing the species is supposed to a joyful activity, not one fraught with pain, hurt and humiliation. Those are imposed on us by the society we grow up in, transmitted to us by the willing fools and girlie men in the media, much to the delight of evil divorce lawyers. Now, knowing there is a code doesn’t take away from the “magic” at all. No in fact it adds to it, because knowing and understanding this simple code allows you to create relationships with women that never would have happened if left up to random chance. Understanding the “code” allows you to experience the pleasure and avoid the pain simple as that.


   Understanding the “code” isn’t enough, however… you have to put it to use within the confines of modern society. And it’s not difficult to do, but you have to do it correctly. Think about this: in nature, most male animals have all the color and “adornment” to attract the female of the species. Take the peacock for instance the female is actually very drab and plain, while the male is full of color. He wags his tail, and she comes running. Now sometimes she’ll run away just to “test him,” but if he demonstrates strength, she’ll run right back.


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